Bonuses And Promotional Rewards


The Milky Way app is a platform for online casino games, it has a variety of bonuses and promotional rewards for the players. This app offers bonuses to players to engage them in the game. It rewards welcome bonuses till 3rd deposit, That is players engaging technique. Let’s have a look at those bonuses.

First Deposit Bonus

This app gives a bonus of 150%  or 50 free spins on the first deposit. At the time of your first deposit, the app doubles your deposit and gives you free spins. Make your first deposit to avail the bonus by the app. Start playing the game now and make a profit.

Second Deposit Bonus

The app will double your deposit or give you free spins on the second deposit. The offer is 100% or 50 free spins. Get ready to avail the offer. Choose 100% of 500 Usd\Eur or 50 free spins to win rewards.

Third Deposit Bonus

On your third deposit, the Milky Way gives you a 75% bonus or 75 free spin bonuses. Get the bonus or try your luck on free spins. Play games with your deposit and even earn more than your deposit.

Promotional Rewards

This application also offers several promotional rewards for the players. You can get the rewards by fulfilling the criteria defined by the developers.

Sign up Reward

 This app allows you to get rewards for registering yourself with the app. Make an account with Milky Way and get the reward. Just fill out the registration form and make yourself eligible for the reward.

Daily Login Bonus

Milky Way gives you the reward on a daily login. If you are login to the once a day then you are eligible for the reward. Play games daily and earn rewards as well as profit on your investment.

Weekly Login Reward

If you log into the app once a week you will get the weekly login reward. Play fascinating games and get more rewards and bonuses. Try your luck weekly. These rewards are given to the user for the engagement with the application.

Monthly Login Reward

If you use the once a month you can get the reward. Use the app regularly and get all the offered rewards and bonuses as well. Enjoy the games and uplift your online earnings.

Referral Reward

Invite your friend to the app and get a referral reward on it. Engaging your friends in the games will give you more chances to get rewards and real money, and help your friends and family in making real money earning.


In short, Milky Way Gameplay offers you bonuses and promotional rewards. So download the apk on your Android device and start playing. You can also download this app on your IOS device and play on the web. So choose any one source and start earning while playing your favorite game.

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